Easy Beginner Workshops

Braids and plaits are hugely popular, particularly with school aged girls. Many can create wonderful styles on themselves that adults can only seem to dream of. I encounter many parents who are struggling to learn how to create basic plaits on their daughters and keep up with their styling demands, despite the many video tutorials available on You Tube. The reason that these don't work too well is the speed of the tutorial and not having someone physically able to show you where you might be going wrong.

Practical and hands-on tuition can help. As I say to all my clients, it really is down to how you hold the hair and once you have mastered the french plait, all those other styles which seem impossible, suddenly become really achievable. Once you've conquered the basics, there is a whole new world of hairstyling ideas out there. It just takes a bit of imagination and a willing head to practice on.

So say goodbye to those hard-to-follow You Tube tutorials and come along to one of my Braided Belles Hair Workshops in Sussex and Kent. I am also available for 1:1 lessons, private group lessons and parties.

Styles you'll learn...

French Plait

  • We'll start the workshop learning how to achieve this plait. Once you have got the hang of a single french plait, we'll move onto doubles. If you can already do a french plait, I'll see if I can make any adjustments before moving you onto a dutch plait.

Dutch Plait
  • If you've quickly mastered the french, we'll move onto the dutch but most people will stay on the french so as not to confuse themselves! (I usually teach the dutch plait in my Intermediates workshop)

Fishtail Braid
  • Such a popular style which is really impressive but super easy (shhh).

  • Whether your daughter needs a bun for dancing, gymnastics, riding or just for fun, this is a really useful style to learn. It is all about the pins. No doughnuts used here!

Crown Braid
  • At the beginning of each workshop I tell my clients that the last style is really impressive but that if I showed it to them now, they wouldn't believe they could do it. It is however, easier that it looks, although you do need to master the french plait first. It's always the style that the girls want to go home in.

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